Integration of Photovoltaic Plants for self-consumption under the Net Metering Concept in Public Buildings/Pumping Stations and Replacement of Low-Efficiency Municipal/Street Lighting with LED Lights

The main concept of the proposed NET METERING project is the application of photovoltaic (PV) stations in public infrastructure based on the Net Metering scheme and the substitution of typical public lighting with energy efficient and biodiversity friendly LED lighting fixtures.

Pilot installations are prescribed in both participating countries. In Greece, where Net Metering has been legislated since late 2014, there are but a few completed projects, mainly due to to lack of public awareness.

The project addresses this problem, by installing PV stations in 2 of Prespes Municipality’s pumping stations selected due to their importance in providing essential services as well as convenient load characteristics. Also, the installation of energy efficient public lighting will be implemented in selected areas within Prespa aiming to provide the required sense of security while minimizing the area’s carbon footprint and contributing to the conservation of Prespa’s unique biodiversity. The Albanian pilot project will be autonomous PV station operating for self-consumption with batteries, that will provide electricity for new public lighting. Being off-grid will be the main difference with the PV installations in Greece. The results of the installations in Albania will be compared to the respective Greek installations, hence highlighting the benefits of Net Metering.

During the course of the project, significant knowledge transfer will be achieved from Greece to Albania in order for the neighboring country to be better prepared regarding the rapid and successful adoption of the Net Metering scheme in its national legislation.

The project prescribes the procurement of energy efficient LED lighting that will drastically reduce the respective energy consumption. The proposed LED lighting will meet strict requirements regarding light polution as well as conservation priorities by appropriate site selection as well as using wildlife friendly fixtures and lamps.

The utilization of Renewable Energy Sources (RES), such as solar energy, is a project’s great advantage which comes in co-operation with the promotion of energy conservation and efficiency in public infrastructure. The combination of the PV’s Net Metering scheme, the installation of LED lighting and the intelligent monitoring / operation of street lighting comes to the forefront of the smart utilization of solar energy.

The proposed NET METERING project will contribute to the dissemination and diffusion of information and energy saving results coming from the implementation of the NET METERING scheme. NET METERING will be better promoted in order to become more attractive to investors either in privately or publically owned organizations.

The procurement and promotion of LED lighting will promote energy efficiency in public infrastructure and in parallel it will reduce light pollution benefiting the biodiversity of the area.

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