2nd Project MeetingLocation: Premises of the Kolonja Municipality, Rilindja City Square Erseke ALBANIA 

On 14 December 2018, the 2nd Project Meeting of the partners of the NETMETERING project was successfully held in Kolonja within the framework of the European Program INTEREG-IPA CBC GREECE – ALBANIA 2014-2020, in which the Municipality of Kolonja participates as a partner.

In the specific project, financed by INTEREG-IPA CBC GREECE – ALBANIA 2014-2020 participate 4 project partners:

  1. Municipality of Prespes, Greece
  2. Society of the Protection of Prespa
  3. Municipality of Pustec, Albania
  4. Municipality of Kolonjë, Albania

The total budget of the project amounts to € 448.854.79, while the amount corresponding to the actions of the Municipality of Kolonja amounts to € 70.416.56 and it has duration of two years.

The NET METERING project proposes the replacement of inefficient street lighting systems with energy efficient led lighting (achieving biodiversity friendly modification of existing fixtures in sensitive areas) and the substitution of grid electricity by Renewable Energy Sources (RES) systems.

The project’s overall objective is the promotion of RES and energy efficiency in public infrastructure.

The promotion of solar electrical energy for self-consumption and energy efficiency increase in public buildings and infrastructure. It includes PV stations installation for electricity production for self-consumption in pumping facilities (Municipality of Prespes), municipal premises in Pustec and energy efficient LED street lighting (all 3 Municipalities). It is important to mention that PV station in Pustec will power a part of the LED lights.

The project aims, among other things:

  • The promotion of Renewable Energy Sources (RES) and Energy Efficiency in public infrastructure
  • The promotion of solar electrical energy for self-consumption and energy efficiency increase in public buildings and infrastructure
  • The achievement of light pollution mitigation enhancing the protection of fauna and flora in the ecologically sensitive area of Prespes area
  • The enhancement of the cross-border cooperation in the Energy Sector
  • The transfer of technical and legislative know-how concerning the RES power stations

Nowadays, a big number of PV stations are operating in Greece and fewer in Albania, focused solely on selling the produced electricity. There are practically no examples of installation groups that are designed and operated in order to self-consume the produced electricity. With the proposed project, a group of 3 PV stations will be constructed that will provide operational data to the public (through the project’s website). This will be a great tool for all interested parties to examine the success of such an action.

The increased cost of electricity creates an economically prosperous environment for RES stations. It is of great interest the fact that the applications chosen for the project (pumping stations and lighting) are common in all countries. Until now, such integration of RES stations has not been applied and therefore the successful outcome of this project will act as a pioneer.